x Tips from a Well Pumps Repair Contractor in Raleigh, NC

Important Things to Do Before Building a Deep Well

Many people want to build their own water well because of the numerous benefits it offers. But, if you’re thinking of taking this step, don’t just jump in with both feet. Remember that creating a deep well comes with many responsibilities, such as complying with local codes and finding a trusted well pumps repair contractor in the area. It also costs a substantial amount up front, though the well will pay for itself as time goes by.

If you’re ready to move forward and build your well, here are some of the steps you should take:

Do your research

Speak with local groundwater experts to know about the amount of water that you can expect to get from your well. You’ll also want to talk to your neighbors who have deep wells of their own and ask about the quality of the water they get as well as the type ofwell pumps they use. Doing these will give you an idea on how to approach the project.

Know the local codes

Different states and counties have different rules when it comes to building wells. Contact your local authorities to know the regulations you need to follow. Make sure to ask about the required horizontal separation distance between the well and your septic system and between the well and your house.

Get a permit

Once you’re sure that you can satisfy the state and county well rules, call your local health department and ask how you can obtain a permit. You’ll most likely need to pay a permitting fee.

Hire a reputable contractor

Your contractor will build your well according to the local codes and ensure you won’t run into legal problems. They’ll also give you tips on how to keep your well in good condition. Choose a contractor who offers high-quality services at reasonable rates.

Find a reliable repair expert

Even the sturdiest wells can run into problems so, as early as possible, look for a well pumps repair contractor. This way, you’ll know who to call when you experience issues.

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