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What Can Go Wrong with Your Pump

Common Issue

When you feel comfortable replacing plumbing and electrical components, you will save almost $150 on the service call, in addition to money on buying parts. All parts which can be replaced by an enthusiastic DIY amateur are usually found inside your home. However, when it comes to well pumps repair on the likes of exterior electrical, piping, and check-valve failures you must call a professional.

Most of the time parts can be located in local home improvement centers. However, some do not sell high-quality parts. So if you are looking for parts which last longer, try looking in a local plumbing supply shop. The most common issues with wells are no water, pulsing water pressure and pumps which never stop. So if you are currently experiencing any of these complaints, there is every chance you can sort this out yourself.

Firstly, make sure the power is on

begin by checking your wells which are still on. Then check the well’s circuit breaker to see if it was tripped. If so, then reset it. A breaker which keeps tripping means there is a problem with the pump, so you will need a professional for this.

Check the pressure switch

This is usually found in the pressure tank. This senses when the water pressure has dropped to the point the pressure tank needs more water. The switch will power the well pump up.

When this switch is not working correctly, then it will not start the pump and you will not have any water, so you need to test the switch first. Remove the cover and bang the tube below the switch with your screwdrivers handle, this could jar the electrical contacts. Should you notice a spark and the pump starts again, the pressure switch will be the problem. For all your well pumps repair needs, call Metro Rooter Plumbing - Raleigh in Raleigh, NC today on (919) 635-8262.