Kwp2000 plus maps

Read and analyze your cars current ECU data, and update it with an optimized cost-saving, performance-boosting map file. You can also repair ECU's with. can anyone point me in the right direction to get maps? not sure if its possible but I have just one map for the astra G, looking to get different. Tunerpro is used to edit map files. KWP plus is used to read and write maps to ECUs. They don't work together in any way or form, they.

The KWP ECU Flasher is used to READ & WRITE the flash data ECU's. this data contains MAPS which is responsible for ignition advance, . it would be a real plus to be able to odb flash on top of progamming a rom. does anyone know where to find tuning files for this kwp interface? the OBD standard as a legal requirement so if you get the right map. I have acquired a 45 HP Cdi Map ORI file from a chip-tuning Cdi is from Edit: d= . You can upload your own maps but the point is that they will not have come from. KWP Plus - ECU Flasher Software (what would u guys do?) . you wont be able to get reputable maps that cheap! also, what expert back. I have got hold of a kwp plus i had some issues with the software but got it working in the end. now i can.