Ews java api attachment

HashMap> attachments = new HashMap>(); if (metro-plumber.comAttachments(). You need to load property Attachments before you can use them in your code. You set it for ItemView object that you pass to FindItems method. Honestly as painful as it is, I'd use the PROXY version instead of the Managed API. It's a pity, but the managed version for java seems riddled with bugs. Hi I want to download the attachment from the email, I use the following code for ( Item item: findResults) { EmailMessage email.

A java client library to access Exchange web services. The API works against Office Exchange Online as well as on premises Exchange. AddFileAttachment and an item by using the EWS Managed API. You can use the Exchange Web Services (EWS) Managed API to get file and item Retrieve the file attachment in one of the following ways.

I'm currently writing a Java application to download several emails using Exchange Web Services. I'm using Microsoft's EWS Java API to do. FileAttachment; import metro-plumber.com; import com. metro-plumber.comfoResponse; import metro-plumber.comndentsoft. exchange.