Webctrl server

WebCTRL is a BACnet native, intelligent, HVAC and energy control system for your building. Inherent WebCTRL Environmental Index™ tool for measuring, analyzing, and comparing Server Requirements (server sold separately). Specs: Dual core. Automated Logic's WebCTRL is a premier building automation system, standards and web-based technologies, WebCTRL's server software will run on all.

WebCTRL Building Automation/Intelligent Building Management System. and web technologies, WebCTRL's server software runs on major platforms. Before you can view a WebCTRL system in a browser, you must first start the WebCTRL Server, called Core, to run the system database. NOTE You can be automatically logged out of WebCTRL. If automatic logoff is enabled on the System Settings page and the server does not.

With WebCTRL, an operator is able to move rapidly through the system with the use of a WebCTRL server software can run on Windows NT, Windows