Newsroom software

Superdesk is an open source headless CMS for news organisations and publishers. Speed up workflows and cut costs with our scalable newsroom software. Superdesk is your newsroom expressed in digital form. Superdesk is an end-to-end content creation, production, curation, distribution and publishing newsroom software. Sourcefabric is Europe’s largest open-source software house serving the news media industry and digital. Sourcefabric is Europe's largest developer of open source software for news media, powering news and media organisations around the world.

Important: Please note that while iNEWS will continue to be marketed for the time being, it will be replaced in the coming months by MediaCentral | Newsroom. Octopus newsroom automation software runs natively on all platforms and supports all language. The system is also accessible on Android and iOS devices . Lots of different news softwares are being used and all of them serve various functions. The most common one is a CMS or Content Management System.

Plan, manage and review your stories across any team and platform with powerful newsroom software Desk-Net. You can use a shared spreadsheet, but many newsrooms are turning to project management software like Trello, Asana, JIRA, and Basecamp. Newsroom & Control Room software for all broadcast environments. Our flexible and proven solutions have been designed with a range of complex and.