x Professional Drain Cleaning Service Provider in Raleigh, NC

Expert Repairs by a Professional Drain Cleaning Service Provider

If you neglect your drains of regular drain cleaning service, it will just be a matter of time until they will become damaged and you will need to call a professional to repair your drainage system for you. Having damaged drains will result in leaks, or in worse cases, a busted drain pipe. When you are experiencing a sudden rise in your water bill, call Metro Rooter Plumbing - Raleigh right away and we will send an expert plumber to your home to fix your drain pipes before the damage spreads to your sewer system. As a trusted plumbing company in Raleigh, NC, we will provide you with the right solutions.

Drain Inspections

If you are experiencing a clog, the problem might be caused by debris build up. Before we repair your drains, we will inspect your drain line first to see if it is really damaged or not. If we see that the problem is caused by a minor issue such as debris build up, our drain cleaning service technicians will clear up your drain and get rid of the problem. However, if we see that your drain pipes are damaged, we will proceed with the repairs right away.

Drain Repair

We will start our repair service by inspecting the extent of the damage. This will help us determine which tool and material to use, which will speed up the repair process. Our expert leak detection team will also check your other drain pipes for damage since leaks are one of the signs of a broken drainage system. Once we are done with the repairs, we will test your drainage system to see if water flows smoothly, and at the same time, we will also check for leaks.

Metro Rooter Plumbing - Raleigh is the expert drain cleaning service provider that you can rely on for drain repair services in Raleigh, NC. Call us now at (919) 635-8262, and let one of our expert and experienced plumbers repair your drainage system.