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Why You Should Not Use Commercial Drain Declogging Chemicals

There can be times when the drain line of your plumbing system becomes clogged. Yet, when such a situation occurs you should not rush to use commercial de-clogging chemicals. This is due to the risks and damage which such products hold and can cause. Listed below are some of the common problems which such chemicals can cause.

They pose a danger to health

Commercial drain cleaning chemicals rely on formulas which contain elements which can pose a danger to your and loved ones’ health. This combined with pouring them in areas which are not well-ventilated and without safety gear can lead to severe burns, respiratory problems, and others. Which require immediate rushing to the hospital or doctor in order to reduce the damage done.

They can corrode the lines and lead to leaks

Another reason why commercial chemicals should not be used during a DIY drain cleaning service is that they can corrode the lines and lead to leaks. This is due to the methods such products use to remove the clogs. Which is usually heat caused by the chemical reacting with the obstruction. This, in turn, compromises the integrity of the pipes and leads to their break down. Which leads to unwanted leaks that cause serious damage to your property.

You might contaminate your water source

In addition to health hazards and line corrosion, commercial declogging chemicals also might contaminate your water source. This is due to the product making its way through the pipes and into the septic tank. From there it can permeate into the soil and your source of drinkable water which will affect both the landscape and your family.

There are several reasons why you should not use commercial drain declogging chemicals. These include health hazards caused by the gases such products produce. In addition, they can corrode the piping and lead to leaks. Also, there is the risk of contaminating your water source and soil. You should instead opt for a professional drain cleaning service. An example of one such provider is Metro Rooter Plumbing - Raleigh in Raleigh, NC.