Mappoint pushpin symbols

Note that most versions of MapPoint ship with different pushpin symbols. Use the scroll bar on the right of the symbol list to scroll through the symbols. Microsoft MapPoint came under quite a bit of criticism due to a drastic reduction in the number of available pushpin symbols. As well a reduction in the total. As well as using MapPoint's built-in pushpin symbols, you can import your own custom symbols. Do this by pressing the Import custom symbol button at the top.

Map Set oMap = GetObject(, "metro-plumber.comation").ActiveMap oMap. AddPushpin metro-plumber.comsults(_ "Helena, Montana")(1), "Helena" End Sub. Pushpins. Change the symbol for all Pushpins in a set. MapPoint North America SDK. On the map legend, click the name of the Pushpin set you want to change. Pushpins in MapPoint are similar to the ones you stick in a wall map to mark places you want to remember. You can create a Pushpin to mark a single place.

MapPoint issue In the help file it lists pushpin symbols. If I try and set a pushpin symbol to anything greater than 85 it crashes. Pushpin Tool for Microsoft Mappoint. Allow you to export you map with Latitude and Longitude. Includes tools to manage pushpins. Free Demo.